About me

It all begun when I was 12 y.o. and was gifted an SLR camera by my Grandpa. Little that I understood and foreseen that it will ultimately become my passion.

Some years later, that’s all I could dream of, doing what I love most, Photography and Cinematography. I really enjoy the technical approach when comes to creation of a unique image. Photography utterly means Drawing with Light, from Greek φωτός (phōtos) means Light and γραφή (graphé) mean Drawing. Be it a candid emotion or a staged pose, I choose the creative lighting in order to achieve a creative result.

Cinematography means Motion Drawing, and when it comes to document an emotion or film by a script (commercial or even a wedding), it’s so crucial to not only be technical about your lighting but also about the movement happening in the frame, to the point where it doesn’t distract from watching but rather encourage.

From 10+ Years in this amazing field, I met a lot of creative people and friended professionals that only fortified what is known today as KASS STUDIO. I truly believe that something Big is always achieved by Big Dreams and ultimately the Right Team.

From Weddings to Commercial Projects, I and my team is here to do what we love doing the most, Collect Recollections that make a Statement.

Welcome to KASS.STUDIO